We care for your privacy; if you question our practices, please email wilson@psu.dev. Staff reserve the right to change or adapt this policy at any time for any reason. This privacy policy regards the website octohook.xyz and all associated third parties and subdomains. Personally identifiable information is automatically collected and stored when injecting octohook through SynapseX, this only includes your HWID. For security purposes, we store your Personally Identifiable Information in a secure database shared by our service and a third party provider. Your Synapse-Fingerprint, Roblox name, Roblox nickname, octohook key, Roblox invite, Roblox game, Discord ID, Discord name may be stored, though do not obtain any personally indentifiable information. For security purposes, all actions performed by users are logged when injected and may be used for support. These logs may consist of your Discord username, Discord ID, Whitelist key, HWID, Number of injections, Number of HWID reset counts, Whitelist date/time, Status of your key, Failed attempts of injections, and last injection date. To the extent permitted by applicable law, octohook may also share personally identifiable information with law enforcement or other agencies if the concealment of such material may risk the safety of both the party involved or our service. You may change or request the removal of any personally identifiable information stored by octohook by emailing wilson@psu.dev